Palermo - Messina

Adriana Catala

Journalist, Spain

I´m shipping to Gaza because I want to start with my journalism career doing something productive for society, helping others and developing.

Alberto Mari

Activist, Switzerland

Dror Feiler

Spokesperson of Ship to Gaza Sweden and representative of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition onboard Marianne av Göteborg

Lennart Berggren


Robert Lovelace

Activist and Professor in Global Development Studies, Queen’s University, Canada, 67 years

I have taken part in the Freedom Flotilla before. I am comitted to the Flotilla as a non- violent means of bringing attention to the suffering of the Palestinian People. As an aborginial person I understand what it means to be colonized. Taking land, restricting access to home land and undermining indigenous economies are acts on colonialism. This is wrong. As indigenous people we must support one another.

Staffan Granér

Mediasamordnare och aktivist, Ship to Gaza Sverige