Galicien - Lissabon

Ana da Palma

Activist Rumbo a Gaza, Portugal

I travel with Marianne on behalf of my struggle companions in solidarity with the Palestinian People, whose right to self-determination we defend and in particular to end the illegal bilateral blockade to the Gaza Strip that undermines our shared humanity. I travel with Marianne as a tribute to the Palestinian Diaspora,  in memory of all the Palestinians that died defending their rights and the activists that perished because of their belief in "a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights" as once said by professor Edward Said. I travel with Marianne as a small tribute to all the children in the Israeli jails, to all the administrative detainees, to all the hunger strike prisoners and a salute to all the refuznicks and the brave Anarquists Againts the Wall. I travel with Marianne to tell my friends of the Popular Struggle Committees from An Nabi Saleh, Bi'lin, Ni'lin, Aida Refugee Camp, Bethleem, Qalqilia, Ramallah, Hebron, Beit Ummar that despite the distance I will always fight against injustice, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, destruction of lives, houses and fields.

Ana Miranda Paz

Member of European Parliament, Spokesperson of Bloque Nationalista Galago, Spain, 44 years

I’ m the responsible for International Policitics and spokesperson in Europé of the galician party BNG. I was member of the European Parliament between 2012-2013 (group Greens-EFA) and I will be again in 2018-2019, in base a coallition with other left nationalistic parties. As member of the working group Palestine-Europe, we defend the right to self-determination of Palestinian People, defending in the EP a big number of resolutions and initiatives in favour of Palestine. I was invited by BNG Galiza to join the Flotilla and is really an honour, because Politics should denounce the apartheid of Israel, the politic of settlements and invasion and the cruelty of the blockade in Gaza. My country, Galiza is a fisheries nations and we defend also the Fishermen of Gaza.  To be onboard Marianne and Ship to Gaza is a big experience of international solidarity to give support to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Eduardo Muriel

Journalist from La Marea, Spain, 28 years

I work for the magazine La Marea, organized as a cooperative of workers and readers and based in Madrid. I am on board of Marianne because I think journalism hast to be a tool to give voice to opressed in the world, like Palestinian people are in this moment.

Pablo Miranzo Macia

Journalist, sailor and activist of Rumbo a Gaza, 23 år, Spain

I joined the Marianne in Bueu, Galicia, and since this days I just have great feelings to each member of the crew. I’m specialized in photojournalism with the focus on social issues and I think that travel with the Freedom Flotilla to break the siege of Gaza will be a great experience. Also I want to be usefull in the boat, so I put my camera and my hands at the service of the flotilla. I don’t know if the Marianne will reach Gaza but I hope this international solidarity action push our governments to stop their complicity with the genocide of Palestinian people.